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McAdam Design invests in innovation through the use of drone technology

McAdam Design have always worked to provide value to our clients through the use of innovative technologies and processes. It has therefore been a natural progression to adopt an aerial tool which could be easily dismissed as simply a toy.

In fact modern drone systems are a mesh of advanced battery materials, enhanced flight systems and software, as well as high quality camera optics and stabilisation. Finally sophisticated data links provide full telemetry and HD quality video downlinks to the pilot on the ground.

In the UK the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) provides regulation for all aviation activities. McAdam Design in April 2018 was awarded a Permit for Commercial Operations (PfCO) to fly drones on behalf of the business and its clients. Since then a small number of pilot schemes have been completed to demonstrate how a drone can be used to provide a safe and efficient method of collecting data in difficult to access locations.

Using an advanced photogrammetry software suite we have produced high resolution 3D models and topographic surveys by combining high-overlap aerial imagery, tied to modern survey GPS measurements. The results can form a remarkably accurate reconstruction of the real world, which is why the process has been coined by some as ‘Reality Capture’.

The high resolution camera fitted to the drone can also provide 4k (UHD) resolution video footage. This can be a powerful tool during construction to help the client and other relevant parties visualise and interpret the changes happening on site, as well as a PR tool for the client. Contract management can also be aided by such progression footage.

The Health & Safety Executive recently noted that falls from height are the second most likely cause of construction workplace accidents in the UK. Drone technology can also aid workplace safety by providing high resolution inspection imagery, eliminating the risks and costs associated with sending personnel up to inspect the condition of elevated assets, plant or machinery as demonstrated on some recent inspection work undertaken by McAdam Design of water towers.

Please feel free to contact us for more information or if you requires services such as PR images/video, construction progression/monitoring, elementary mapping, full survey-grade topographic mapping, and infrastructure inspection.